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Yeah. So, wow. Driving home tonight from work, some ASSHOLE was driving the wrong way down a divided highway, an HE SIDESWIPED MY CAR!!! Really! How do you drive the wrong way down a DIVIDED HIGHWAY!?

But, yeah, I'm fine. My car is fine too. The fact that he was driving the wrong way pretty much slowed traffic down, so neither of us were going very fast. His car, however, was all smashed to shit before he even hit me. Maybe that had something to do with the fact that he was DRIVING THE WRONG WAY DOWN A DIVIDED HIGHWAY!!!! Also, he was driving erratically. Like, he totally went around the car in front of me, but then turned and headed right for me!

So anyway, I had to find a turn-around and go back and by the time I got there the cops were there (they were really fast, yo)  and there were other people there who got hit and he was up against his car being handcuffed. I was pretty much freaked out, but I am a bit calmer now that I am home and after having a mudslide. :-) I'm just pissed that he scraped up my car. Just some small scrapes by the driver side headlight, but still! My car is less than a year and a half old. I'll kill a bastard!

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