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So I am back home. And I am happy to be back home. The last few days I have been sick and it was not fun travelling across the country with a sore throat and a really bad sinus headache. Of course it's no fun dealing with that stuff at home either, but at least I don't have to get up every morning and spend the day in a car. And I had a whole tape of NSYNC waiting for me when I got home. And I will hopefully have the CBS concert that I missed soon.

So the trip wasn't bad. Not entirely good either. First off, we got stuck in traffic for an hour in Nevada because of a really bad accident. Wednesday we had to stop early when the lights on the trailer stopped working. Then, on Thursday we got into a small accident. Who knew there would be icy roads in Texas? My sister ended up hitting the guard rail twice. Then we were stuck in traffic for 2 hours while they threw dirt on the road so the semis could get up a big hill. We ended up being a total of, like, 7 hours behind that day due to stopping early the night before and waiting in traffic so we didn't get to see San Antonio as planned. But Friday was the worst. The transmission on my brother-in-laws pathfinder started to go. He was driving with only 2nd and 4th gear. Of course that only lasted for so long before the transmission went entirely. So it was 2:30 pm, we were in the middle of nowhere Louisiana, and my sister and her husband drove 30 miles up the freeway in her car to the nearest town (Lafayette, Louisiana. I will probably never forget the name of that town) to the Uhaul place while his brother and I waited with the pathfinder and trailer. They came back with a Uhaul truck and we moved everything from the trailer to the truck. Then the boys took the trailer back to the Uhaul place and got a tow dolly while my sister and I waited for the tow truck, which was, of course, was 45 minutes later than they said they would be. So we finally got the pathfinder back to the Uhaul place and pushed it up on the dolly. But then when we tried to drive away, the back wheels of the pathfinder wouldn't move. We found out much later that since the pathfinder is four wheel drive, the front wheels have to be moving in order for the back wheels to turn. By this time it was after 6 pm and the Uhaul place was closed. So we tried to push the pathfinder off the dolly but now it wouldn't move (not knowing about the four wheel drive thingy we had bound up the drive shaft when we tried to drive away). We found another Uhaul place, but the woman gave us bogus directions and we ended up getting there after closing. The women there were not at all helpful either. But there was a kid working there who did inform us that there was a mechanic out front the could probably help us. All we needed was someone to disconnect the drive shaft. Turns out it was his day off and he was on the way to the mall with his family when he got an emergency call to come in and help someone else. So we stood around for an hour while he finished up with them. Then he told us it would be 10:00 before he could help us (being that his family was waiting for him and everything). So we told him where we were and he took off the mall and we went back to wait for him. At 11:00 pm he pulled up. He apparently didn't really know exactly where this Uhaul place was and he didn't think it was that far up the road. So he couldn't find it and had given up and was on his way home when he drove by. It took all of 20 minutes and we were no our way by 11:30. We got into New Orleans at 1:30 am instead of 3:30 pm. Then we spent the next day in New Orleans and Sunday we drove to Jacksonville. Yesterday was my flight home.But in spite of that, I did have fun. We went to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, AZ, Roswell, White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and New Orleans. We missed San Antonio and College Station, TX where my brother-in-law wanted to go because apparently they have these 8 pound burritos. Not that much of a loss in my book. Oh yeah, and I got to stop by and see my best friend who lives in Cottonwood, AZ who I haven't seen in almost 5 years. But remind me never to move across country. It's not worth the trouble.
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