Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

So. I forgot to tell my story about me not being in a movie. About a week before I got to my sister's house, down the street a little ways, a bunch of people started setting up lights and stuff. And a bunch of catering trucks and stuff came in and they blocked off the street. Basically it looked like they might be filming a movie down there. So my sister and I were going to walk down there and see what was going on. But she kept getting busy with moving and everything so we never did walk down there. We drove by a few times but we didn't really see anything. Then one day they were gone. That same day, my brother-in-law, Paul, comes home from work and says that they were filming a movie at the exchange on the base. Apparently, he was walking through the exchange on his way to get his hair cut, when one of the movie guys asks if he can be one of the background extras in a shot. So he asked how long it would take and the guy tells him about an hour. Well Paul tells the guy he can't do it cause he doesn't have that much time because he's moving and has stuff to do. So some guy off to the side says "shit" and Paul looks over and it's Denzel Washington! And he still didn't do it cause he didn't have the time. And my sister and I had just had lunch at the exchange the day before. And that's who was filming down the street from their house. So I could have potentially been in a movie. Also, one night we were watching the news when a story comes on about a movie premiere that was at the base. Apparently they had the premier for Behind Enemy Lines at North Island NAS which is where Paul was stationed. And they flew Owen Wilson and Gene Hackman in FA/18s to the base. And other famous people were there too. And we knew nothing about it until after the fact. So I was bummed that I didn't get to see any famous people on my trip to California.

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