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Ooooh. Road to Celebrity is on. How fun! Seeing this reminds me that I really need a DVD player so I can put on Darren's Dance Grooves and learn me some choreography. But anyway...remember a while ago when everyone was doing the thing where you find a random LJ and try to get back to your own journal. Well I never did it. But! I was bored to day and I did just that. It was a pain in the ass, what with LJ being flaky today. But I managed to make it . So here it is...

andreadynamite well...we'll see how this goes.
xleaax no idea. let's press on.
usher well this seemed like a possibly promising choice. but now I'm not so sure.
kimberlou so far I seem to be travelling in a small circle. they all have the same friends.
tallglass ummm...just pick one I guess?
trickpa hmmm...this guy was on a lot of people's lists. I thought he'd have more friends
alddinsane this does not seem to be progressing in the right direction
veddersbetter00 hmmm...not good. only one place to go...
wildangel4u at least there's more of a selection. random choice.
sunpearl well, I meant to click on mezza but we'll go with this.
offshoot lot's of names...glitterwhore looks familiar we'll try that
glitterwhore or maybe not...this doesn't look promising. once again, random choice.
jewyl lots of choices. but it seems obvious to me which one to pick
seashells well. of course not the green eyes I was thinking of...lets stick with a musical theme
comfortablynumb now where to go?
chillylady hmmm...still nothing familiar. this one looks promising though
divachickie ok..now we're getting somewhere. a few of these look familiar. let's go with...
evilprettykitty I knew this was the right one. many familiar names. now which one to pick?
willagurl Jackpot! there I am. wee...I made it. That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

Now I need to go find something to do.

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