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I have now seen Lord of the Rings twice. Some people might think that makes me a geek. But the movie is good. I can't wait for it to come out on DVD. (I should have a DVD player by then) But anyway...

I went to see it for the first time yesterday. I was supposed to meet my friend Jason at the theater for the 5:00 show. But there was an accident and I ended up getting stuck in traffic so I didn't get there till 5:15. Not being able to find Jason, I assumed he must have gone in already or left, so I just went to the next showing. Hey, I drove all the way out there I was gonna see the movie. So I went by myself. And when I got home I found out that Jason had called, like, a minute after I had left. So I called him and it turns out that he did go, but he got there late too, at around 5:10. But he thought I already went into the movie so he went home. So we just missed each other by a few minutes. Anyway, we decided to go out to gameworks and afterwards we went to Steak and Shake and ended up staying out till 6am! Well, we left Steak and Shake at 6. I didn't get home till 7. So then I didn't get up till 2pm today. When Libby called and said she was going to see the 5:00 show today. So I called Jason to see if he wanted to go and see it. We were all supposed to meet at the theater. But Jason never showed up. At least I never saw him there. But Libby was there with her dad and her 2 kids and Melissa was there too. So at least I didn't have to see it alone twice. :) And I am never gonna meet Jason at the movies again. Either we go together, or we don't go. :)

Also today, we finally got our Christmas tree. My dad and I went when I finally got out of bed. Normally my sister's would have gone too, but being as one is in Florida and one is in Hawaii... They couldn't make it home for Christmas. Well Allison probably could have, but she didn't want to fly with the dog and she didn't want to drive alone (her husband left for overseas 2 days ago). Plus she's trying to close on a house and she wants to get that done as soon as possible. So it's just me and my mom and my dad this year. which kind of sucks (because my sister's aren't' here, not because of my mom and dad). And now I must sleep. really. going to bed now.
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