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Deck the halls....

Merry Christmas!

We finally got a little bit of snow today. Not enough to go play in though :( So I took a nap instead. We opened presents in the morning and watched A Christmas Story (of course. I watch it every year.). I got a DVD player so I was finally able to watch the MSG concert. And I got 3 of the NSYNC beanie bears, all 5 bobble heads, an NSYNC Barbie, and an NSYNC throw blanket. And various other stuffs, but it's not as important. ;) So after I watched my DVD, I took my nap. Well, not so much took a nap as just fell asleep. I meant to get online and check my e-mail and post in my LJ while the excitement of open presents was still there but I was just too tired. Then it was off to grandma's house for dinner and more gift opening (I got the Shakira CD. woohoo!). And we finally just got home about 15 minutes ago. Now I am going to bed because I am worn.out.

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