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There is now O-Town lip balm. Did anyone know this? I can't believe it. And what I can't believe even more is that I bought a pack. I now own O-Town lip balm. I don't want to start buying O-Town crap. I can live with NSYNC. I've accepted the fact that if I see something with NSYNC on it and I have money, I'm probably gonna buy it. But that adds up to a lot of crap. Sure Dan is cute. But I don't need O-Town cluttering up my room too. I have a limited amount of space. So. No more O-Town stuff for me.

They also had Dream, but I didn't (and wouldn't) buy that. (note to lip balm makers: there are only 4 girls in Dream, therefore should only be 4 flavors)

And in case anyone's wondering, Trevor is kiwi-lime, Eric is wild cherry (fitting some how), Jacob is the same craptastic watermelon as JC (really, it doesn't taste or smell like watermelon. at all), Ashley is green apple (shall we start calling him Ashley Greenapple?), and Dan is blue raspberry (coincidence that my favorite from each group is the same flavor?).

Also, I still have some valentines left. So if you want one e-mail me your address if you haven't already.

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