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I went out last night. I just got home like a half hour ago. It was so much fun. I haven't gone out drinking in a while. Since yesterday was our last day at the college bookstore and tomorrow is Amanda's birthday, we all decided it would be fun to go out. So Joe, Erin, John, Amanda, and me all went out to Dave and Buster's. Which is a pretty fun place. We played video games and got a bunch of tickets and got some cool prizes. Since Joe and Erin are both under 21 they had to leave at 10, but John, Amanda and I stayed a little while longer. Until we ran out of credits to play games. Then we decided to go out to The Loft which is a bar by Amanda's house. And we drank some more and played some pool. And made fun of all the creepy guys. We actually got John on the dance floor a little. By this time we had already decided John and I could not drive so we went back to Amanda's to crash there. We stopped and got some more beer on the way but I don't think anyone drank very much of that. We were already pretty much wasted. We all ended up piling in Amanda's bed (no, nothing like that you pervs) and no one got any sleep because Amanda could not fall asleep and pretty much made sure no one else did either. Every time I fell asleep She would do something to wake me up. And John kept threatening to draw on my face with marker while I was sleeping. I don't remember that last time I had that much fun. But now I must shower. I still smell like smoke from the bar. Yech.
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