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Jan. 27th, 2002

So today I managed to get half of my room piled on my bed in an attempt to clean. Now it's 10:30 and it's all still piled there. And the other half is still strewn all over the floor. I really want to get my room clean tonight. Who needs sleep anyway. Also, I may have just spent an outrageous amount of money on NSYNC tickets on E-bay. Let's just say it's more than ticket master is selling them for. Section A row 11 seats 1 and 2. So either I just got some really awesome seats or I am going to learn a very expensive lesson. We'll have to wait and see. But if it all works out, that means I now have 2 extra tickets. So I may have a seat for the Detroit concert in section F available for sale if anyone is interested. And since the auction was for 2 tickets, that means one extra ticket in section A. Now I have to figure out who to take.