Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

So. Linkin Park concert is Monday. I'm getting excited. That's 2 days away, folks. Marcy and I are heading downtown early to hang around and see if we can meet the band. We are such groupies. I have never before in my life been to as many concerts as I have in the past 7 months. Let's see, first concert I ever went to was Green Day in November 1994 (yes I was 18 when I went to my first concert, I suck. but we got in for free). Then there was the Violent Femmes in April 1998, Barenaked Ladies January 2000 and Weird Al in June 2000. Then come the Pop Odyssey tour. I went to the Detroit show in June and the Columbus show in August (only time I ever traveled any distance to see a concert. it was about 5 hours away). Then Alien Ant Farm in November and Lonestar in December. Now it's Linkin Park this month and then NSYNC in April. I have come to the conclusion that I love going to concerts. If I had more money I'd go to more.

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