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LJ is being a bitch again. Whatever, I have better stuff to do. What? I do! Anyway, I got this in an e-mail and I had to share. So many memories!

You Know You're a Teen of the Early 90s If...

1. You know who Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael and Donatello are.

2. You remember the Milli Vanilli scandal.

3. You religiously watched 90210, Melrose Place, Party of Five, and My So-Called Life.

4. You tight-rolled your jeans.

5. You wore big hoop earrings.

6. You thought bell bottoms were horrible and couldn't understand why anyone would've ever worn them.

7. You knew how to do the dances called the MC Hammer, the Roger Rabbit, and the running man.

8. You owned a pair of K-Swiss, Keds, or Air Jordans.

9. You thought "Ice Ice Baby" was the coolest. song. ever. and when your parents told you Vanilla Ice would be a shot in the pan, you refused to believe them.

10. Your bangs were at least 4 inches high, and you thought it looked good.

11. You were a punk rocker for Halloween at least once.

12. You or your sister owned a banana clip and a T-clip.

13. A hairdryer was required to set your hair.

14. You rolled up the sleeves of your t-shirts, and tucked in the front, letting the back hang out.

15. You had any "No Fear" or "B.U.M." clothing.

16. You wore 2 pairs of neon colored socks.

17. You wore overalls with only one side connected.

18. You had Electric Youth perfume.

19. You remember when cartoons were actually GOOD, and not scary like the Teletubbies.

20. You loved to slow dance to Power Ballads.

21. You had a "slap bracelet".

22. You wore your sweat pants pulled up to your knees.

23. You had a black Debbie Gibson hat.

24. You wanted to be just like Paula Abdul.

25. You knew the words to "The Humpty Dance".

26. You owned the Bell Biv DeVoe tape.

27. You said, "PSYCH" or "WAY!"

28. You saw "Wayne's World" at least 2 times at the theater.

29. You loved the New Kids (and Joey was probably your favorite.)

30. You wore jeans pulled up to your navel.

31. All of your clothes were "baggy".

32. You owned a pair of biker shorts.

33. You wore "water shoes" into the pool.

34. You had a boom box, or your stereo was a weird color like pink.

35. You bought tapes, not CDs.

36. You never missed "Fresh Prince".

37. You or someone you knew wore "Cross-Colors" clothing.

38. You remember when TLC weren't divas, and they dressed like they were in the circus.

39. You thought "I'm Too Sexy" was such a cool song.

40. You "busted a move" while C&C Music Factory was playing.

41. You remember when Mark Wahlberg was part of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

42. You owned a silk shirt, which you tucked into your jeans.

43. You had jeans in various colors, like green, brown, red, black...

44. You had a "Button Your Fly" t-shirt.

45. You had a Ren and Stimpy t-shirt.

46. You thought long-haired heavy metal bands would never go out of style.

47. You were addicted to Nintendo.

48. There were multiple elastic bands on your pony tail.

49. You gave the "peace" sign all the time.

50. You loved Beavis and Butthead.

51. If you were a guy, you had your hair shaved underneath and you parted it down the middle.

52. Hypercolor shirts!
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