Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

Ok, so I was thinking about this whole thing with Justin's cell phone. And I had this thought. What if he has caller ID? I mean, he probably would, wouldn't he? That means he'll have the numbers of everyone who called, right? And he'll know how many times each number called. I mean, assuming he cared enough to check. And he wouldn't really know who called, just the someone at 555-9843 called 20 times. But still. That would freak me out. Knowing that a complete stranger was calling my cell phone over and over on purpose. I'm not calling it again. That's just really creepy. I can't believe I called twice. ok, 3 times. but only because Celeste posted that his message box had been cleared and I wanted to hear his message. And I am weak! But it was full again anyway. And what would I do if someone answered? So, yes. I am not being creepy stalker fan anymore. I will just be content with the fact that I have his cell phone number for the time being. Until he changes it anyway.

PS. Veronica, feel free to use this information if you feel it's important. I forgot to mention it earlier.
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