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Yummy. I made tacos for dinner. I love tacos. Last week I was kind of in a funk. But I'm feeling better this week. I started my new temp job today. I'm a file clerk. Which means I will be filing stuff. Lots of stuff. I spent the whole day today putting papers in order to file. All day. That's a lot of papers, yo. But it's not a bad job. I mean, it doesn't seem like it. I've only worked one day after all. At least I don't have to answer phones. And after work I stopped at Best Buy to get Dude, Where's My Car? and Memento and I ended up getting Making the Tour and Run, Lola Run also. That's 4 DVD's. I'm bad. I shouldn't buy so much stuff. But I usually do. At least I paid cash. So that's good. Now for some cookies. :)

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