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Yay! Payday! The one time I actually mail my time card in on time and there's a holiday so I didn't get paid until today anyway. But whatever. And I got to see Lance and Joey on Rosie finally today (for some reason, in Detroit, they show Rosie a day late) so that was good too. (But JC was on TRL? I missed that.) And after I watched Rosie I logged onto ebay just to see how much those shirts that they were wearing were going for. Lance's was over $500 already. Poor Joey's was only at about $250. And there's another one that Lance, Joey and Rosie signed. I so wanted to bid on Lance's. I really wanted it. But I defintely can't afford it so I didn't bid. It took a lot of will power. I need help. I shouldn't want that shirt that much. But he made it all purtty and stuff. Lance has been bedazzling again.

And what's this I hear about Lance having a girlfriend? And Chris too? That's just not fair. They can't all be taken. But then there are always the rumors that JC and Bobbi (or however she's spelling it this week) haven broken up. I don't know. I really don't try to keep up on all of this stuff. I just hear stuf here and there. So maybe none of it's true. Don't go by what I say.

And it's only Wednesday...suck.

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