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yay! I went bowling tonight. If only you knew how much I adore bowling. Even though I didn't break 100 once tonight in the 3 games we bowled. That is amazing. I don't think I have ever sucked that badly before. And Libby was an hour late getting to the bowling alley. So I was sitting by the door for an hour waiting for her. Turns out she was pulling into the parking lot when she got a call from her sister about her daughter needing shoes for church tomorrow (or something) so she ran to the store and bought some shoes and took them over to her sisters house. All the while with me sitting in the bowling alley waiting and wondering where the hell she was. I was not very pleased. But then we bowled. And I can't be in a bad mood when I'm bowling. Plus, while I was waiting, I got to flirt a little with the cute boy working the door. Is it just me, or are bowling alleys becoming more like bars? They check your ID at the door. There was even a $5 cover! But we didn't pay the cover. The cute boy working the door told me he wouldn't charge us. Cuz he's that cool. And now I'm soooo sleepy. Going to bed now. I have to clean tomorrow.

ps. did anyone get the NSYNC olympics thing on tape? I missed it cuase I was out BOWLING! ;)

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