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general thoughts about the grammys

I'm disappointed NSYNC didn't win anything. They may yet become the Susan Lucci of the Grammys. I don't like Alicia Keys. She beat out Linkin Park. I like her even less now. I have finally gotten to see a live performance of girlfriend. I cannot wait until April 1. I don't really consider what Bob Dylan did to be singing. I like Bob Dylan in general. But sometimes he's just too weird for me. If it means I don't ever have to hear Lady Marmalade again, then I don't mind that they won a grammy. Enough with that song already. Britney looked very cute. She was wearing a nice plain very classy dress. And her hair was all curly and fluffy. She really did look like she was going to a prom. If I ever had the chance to go to the Grammys or a Grammy party, I would jump at the chance. That is all.