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Put the Nsyncer's in order of who you would most like to...
1. Engage in overall licking and sex with.
2. Hang out with.
3. Go on a nice, formal date with.
4. Go to first base with. (Kissing and nothing below the waist)
5. *Ahem* Enjoy oral pleasures with. That means them giving.

1. Lance - He's hot. And he's my favorite. This is the stuff dreams are made least my dreams are.
Joey - He probably likes it kinky. And he's probably had lots of practice.
Justin - Have you seen this kid? He's hot. 'nuff said.
JC - Could be interesting. He definitely has potential.
Chris - reason. just, no.

2. Chris - He would be totally fun to hang out with. He's all crazy and shit.
Joey - Another fun guy. We'd go out clubbing. And afterward, some of the aforementioned sex.
Lance - Yeah, I have to put him at least third out of a sense of loyalty. I mean, he is my favorite. Plus he'd be fun to shop with, no?
Justin - He just seems like he might be fun to hang out with.
JC - He'd probably bore me to death with his endless stories about nothing.

3. Lance - I just know I'd melt. Right then and there. He'd be all romantic. Mmmm.
Chris - Well, I wouldn't get bored. He'd definitely keep me entertained.
Justin - I just bet he's really sweet.
JC - I swear I don't have anything against JC. I just don't have much desire for him.
Joey - He'd just be trying to get into my pants. And while I have no problem with that, I just don't like guys who use the pretense of a formal date to achieve this goal.

4. Lance - My god. I would die. I need a moment. whew.
Joey - I just bet he's a good kisser. And he all big and strong and stuff. He'd just wrap you up in his arms.
Chris - Don't know why, but I think he's proabably a good kisser too.
Justin - Well, just look at his lips.
JC - Once again...just no desire.

5. Joey - Yeah...he'd probably enjoy this. And he'd be good.
Lance - Ummm...yeah...whew!
Chris - He's the oldest...probably has the most practice.
Justin - Just because he's hot.
JC - JC, honey, just sit there and look pretty. That is all that is required of you.

Dang! That was harder than I thought it would be. I think I need a cold shower or something now. Naughty thoughts all up in my head now.

And now it's time to go home. yay!
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