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NSYNC Concert #1 in Auburn Hills

Oh my, where to begin. It's all beginning to fade already. I guess I'll start by saying I had the best seats I've ever had at any concert. We were Section A row 11 seats 1 and 2. So basically, if you're looking at the stage, we were on the right hand side, one row back and about 5 seats over from the front corner of the catwalk on the isle. They were so close so many times during the show. And when the catwalk came down from the ceiling, it was right over our heads. Ok, so before the show, Marcy and I were sitting around waiting and she noticed some older people right across the aisle from us and they had passes around their neck. So while I'm noticing that their passes say family on them I happen to look at the 2 seats directly left of them, and who do I see but Lance's parents! (Lance does look just like his dad) Now you might not think that would be very exciting, but it was. I almost freaked out on the spot. I mean, they were like 3-4 feet away from me for the whole concert (closer sometimes whe we were standing in the aisle). Lance's parents! It was kind of distracting. I can only assume the 2 older people were his grandparents. I don't know. So anyway, Marcy and I took our sign that said 'If you can read this you're not dancing hard enough' and we were trying to hold it high enough for them to see without blocking anyone else's view. Chris was the first one to see it, but he wouldn't read it. He kept looking away from it. The best was when Justin saw it though. When they were on the elevated catwalk, Justin was standing right above us. I think it was right at the beginning of Sailing, but I'm not sure. But it was during a slow song. So Marcy and I scooted out into the aisle and held the sign up for Justin to see. He looked right at it and laughed and got a big smile on his face and he scrunched his nose up and stuck his tongue out. It was very cute. And (now this is the best part) then he said "But it's a slow song" and I just about died right there. He was talking to us. So we said "so what" and he did a little dance for us. And posed for a picture. which Marcy snapped really quick. And then he kicked some confetti at us. That was the highlight of the show for me. And eventually Lance saw the sign and smiled. Marcy said Joey and JC saw it too, but I must have missed it when they did. That's really all I can remember about the show. It was pretty much the same as everyone else's with a few minor variations which I am trying hard to remember, but it's all a blur now. Marcy and I had bought some roses before the show just in case we were close enough to the catwalk to attempt to hand it to JC and Lance. But we never got that close. Just before the encore, Lance's parents and grandparents got up to leave, and they walked right past me. And I almost went over and asked Lance's mother to give him the rose I bought for him. But I didn't want to bother them and I chickened out. But this was the best concert I've been to yet. And I got to meet LJers. joeynerd, halowrites, strippedhalo, beckynicky, i_amthecosmos, and justafigment. And maybe some others? I can't remember anyone else or I don't know your LJ name. Sorry if I've missed you. Just smack me upside the head. And tonight I'm off to Grand Rapids to see the concert again. Maybe this time I can remember it better and report back.

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