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NSYNC concert #2 in Grand Rapids

Hmmm...remember yesterday when I said that Monday night's concert was the best one I've ever been to? Well, not so much anymore. Last night's concert was a thousand times better. In fact, I may have had the ultimate NSYNC concert experience. And I'll try to make some sense and not just say Lance! Chris! Justin! the whole time.

Ok. First I just have to say, LancetouchedmyhandLancetouchedmyhandLancetouchedmyhand!!!!! I mean, that was my big goal for the evening, so I am extremely happy. But that's getting ahead of myself. First, I bought my tickets yesterday morning and I was delighted to get Section 3A row A seats 4 and 5 and Section 2A row C seats 9 and 10. I new these were very close to the front, but I almost fainted when I got to my seat and we were just outside the catwalk IN THE FRONT ROW! Like, the absolute front row! And not only that, but I was right on the catwalk. There were, in fact, only 2 seats in our row. Leslie and I were the entire row. And it turns out the other seats in section 2A, which I had given to Becky and Amanda were third row center in the pit! I can't believe I got these seats yesterday morning at like, 9 and 10 am. So when NSYNC finally came out, I couldn't believe how close we were. And they hadn't even come out onto the catwalk yet! The beginning of the concert was pretty standard. Aside from the freaking out about how close we were. Then, after they sang For the Girl when they were walking back to the stage, Chris and Joey touched my hand! I had really hoped Lance would be the first, but Chris and Joey touched my hand! And during Tearin Up My Heart Joey was dancing right in front of us. And he was dancing his heart out. He was the first one to dance right in front of us and I just about died. And I might as well just throw this out there, since I've already said it. At some point during the night Lance touched my hand! I have no idea when this happened. I only know that it did happen. I know that it was after Chris and Joey and before JC. Maybe sometime when he was wearing the white shirt with the black tie looking thing. Not really sure. I really couldn't think straight at that point. Then Celebrity and Up Against the Wall, which were great. I really like the choreography for Celebtiry. And I think this was when I pulled out the sign. (you know, the one that said 'If you can read this you're not dancing hard enough.') Right at the beginning of Up Against the Wall. I'm sure they all looked over at it since we were right in the front row and the sign was pretty big, but I couldn't tell if they actually read it at this point. And then the Beatles and Motown medley. They weren't as close to me today as on Monday, so I didn't get much interaction when they were on the elevated catwalk, but I could see them all just fine. And this time when they got out to the hanging stage, the catwalk went back up. I don't think it did that Monday. We figured it must be because they were filming. I mean, there were cameramen all over the place. And not as much confetti this time, also attributed to the fact that they were filming? Maybe? We don't know for sure. But this time I could actually see the guys out there without the catwalk in the way, which was nice. And this time I paid better attention and I actually heard Joey, Chris and Lance's solos. And Lance did the twist! And I love the little jogging type move in Can't Get Next To You. And they were so cute, even if they were quite far away. And I so want that version of Sailing! That was my favorite song of the night I think. But the actual best part of the night happened during Tell Me, Tell Me, Baby. I think this is my new favorite song ever. I still had the sign out, and I was holding it up high (well as high as I could without blocking anyone's view). And Justin came and stood right in front of me. I mean, I could probably have reached out and almost touched him. He was basicall standing over me looking down at me. And he read the sign. And he was dancing and looking right at me. And he was giving me the cutest looks. He kept dancing harder and just looking like it was no big deal. Giving me looks like, 'What? What's the big deal? I can dance harder and still read the sign.' And he never missed a step. And then he gave me the biggest smile. And I swear it seemed like he was dancing in front of me for like 5 minutes. Which I'm sure it was much less, but he was there for most of the song and he was looking And when Justin looks at you like that, it's like there's no one else in the world. It was just me and him. And Leslie was so happy that she had stage sex with Justin (even though he was looking at me the whole time ;P). Because that's just about what it was. And then he left and they did No Strings Attached. Joey and then JC swung out right over our heads on the ropes. And when JC's rope was going back up afterwards, it smacked him in the back the head. He was a little surprised to say the least. :) Then they did This I Promise You, and Justin was back right in front of us sitting on the steps. And he was looking at Leslie and I again a lot. "a lot". So we got much Justin love (Which makes up for the fact that he's the only one who didn't touch my hand, and Leslie really appreciated all the attention from her man). I was so happy I had brought the sign after that. And he was cute when he had the audience sing. He sag a line, then we did. Then he sang a line, then we did. Then he sang like every other word for a few lines. And he was giving looks like "not bad" and "pretty good" and just grinning the whole time. I was sad to see him go. At that point I was almost (note I said almost) like "Lance who?" And the story before I Want You Back was, like, a hundred times longer last night than on Monday. And it was so much better. More interaction and much with the cuteness. JC was telling the story like it was a scary story and Chris kept getting scared and telling him to stop. And Joey snuck up behind JC while he was telling the story and actually scared JC and he fell off his stool on his ass. And Chris kept interrupting JC and JC told him to "sh-shush" and Chris goes "You were gonna say shut up weren't you?" and JC said "yes." And Chris dared JC to tell him to shut up and when JC did, Chris started pushing him around the stage and JC almost fell over again. And they were all cracking up the whole time. Except Chris who was doing a good job keeping a straight face. So then Chris took JC's stool and moved it back by the band and JC was just left standing there. So Joey scooted his stool over and shared with JC and had his arm draped around JC. It was very cute. And it took forever for the song to start. They just kept hamming it up. But when they did start it was all about Justin. He was in full effect. I liked this song better tonight, I think. I wasn't too impressed with the blues version Monday night, but I think it's growing on me. And then JC's big finish. Which also took forever as they were having so much fun being goofy. But I didn't mind at all. At one point they had JC turned around facing the back of the stage so he wouldn't be "scared with all of the people there," and Chris picked up the back of JC's shirt and touched JC's ass and then announced to the crowd that he "touched JC's butt". That got big cheers. While they were leaving the stage, there was a girl in the audience with a sign that said 'Justin can we touch your hair?' He saw it and he took off his hat and rubbed his head and said "I don't have any." And then someone in the front row must have asked Justin if they could have his hat. And he was like, "This hat?" and then he said no and was making motion like "it's too expensive, you can't afford it." And then they came back out and did Gone. Which really would have been better had we been further back because of Justin being out on the front of the catwalk, but I didn't mind all that much. And I think during Gone is when JC and Chris were sitting on the steps in front of us and looking at us a lot. And then Girlfriend and Pop. And during Pop there was some guy in the pit dancing along with them. He was hitting every move and he was going all out, JC style. He even did the floor hump. They guys were laughing at him when they saw him. They thought it was so cool. And sometime, during the last 3 songs I think, is when JC touched my hand as re ran by. And I had bought another rose to give to Lance, having chickened out giving the one to his mom the previous night, but when they went around the catwalk one last time after Pop, I handed it to Chris when he walked by. And he took it, took a step away, then turned and looked right at me and smiled really big and winked at me! It was so cute. And he was 2 feet away from me when he did it. And I guess that means that technically I touched Chris twice since our hands touched when I gave him the rose. I don't think I could have possibly had a better concert experience. Random other things that happened...At one point Joey kept bumping his butt up against Lance rubbing it on him and Lance was cracking up and kept pushing Joey away. Absolutely ADORABLE! And the gold chain on JC's pants at the end broke and he just shoved the end in his pocket and kept going. Also, I believe it was sometime during the Beatles medley, some woman took my picture with my sign for the fan club. She seemed to think it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen.

Wow, that's all I can remember right now. I'm sure it doesn't make much sense to anyone but me. And maybe Leslie. It has taken me all afternoon to remember everything and type it all up. I would have done it last night, but we had a 3 hour drive home and I didn't get home until 4 am and I was so exhausted after all of the excitement of the concert. Justin ;) I just went straight to bed. You may also notice a lack of Lance in my little story. The simple reason for that would be that I just can't put it all into words. I didn't have much interaction with Lance personally. I even missed it when he saw the sign and smiled. :( But I was so feeling the Lance love. Mostly it's the way he interacts with the other guys and just how much fun he looked like he was having. He was just smiling all over the place and cracking up with the guys. And, hello! He was so hot! Even Leslie couldn't deny how pretty Lance was. And I was close enough to see his shoes. I have a thing about Lance's shoes. Which is just something I can't even explain. He was wearing shiny yellow sneakers! Oh god, I hope my pictures turn out ok. Anyone that was there remember anything else?
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