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Apr. 4th, 2002

It's weird how the concert changed my perception of some of the songs. Like, whenever I hear TUMH now, I'll always think of Joey dancing sooooo hard right in front of me. And "Tell Me, Tell Me, Baby" is all about Justin. "Celebrity" is totally JC doing those cool moves that I love so much but couldn't even describe to anyone. And in "Pop" I hear the explosions from the pyro.


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Apr. 4th, 2002 01:48 pm (UTC)
Hi, everyone!
I am sooo happy for everyone I meant who went to the Grand Rapids concert! I am kicking my self in the Ass for not being able to go! I envy all of you! However, I loved going to the Monday night show! I had an awesome time and now after meeting everyone I want to join live journal so I can keep in touch with you guys and be updated on all the new nysnc gossip! I must say that now everyone has spread their love of nysnc onto me, and I never thought I would now be this big of a fan! Nysnc is the best, JC and Justin are total babes and the rest of them rock!
- Marcy
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