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Wow. My internal clock is all out of whack. Sunday's adventures kind of threw me for a loop.

Saturday night Becky, Brenda, and I had been talking about maybe trying to get tickets for the Buffalo show the following night. So I got up early Sunday morning and started checking to see what was available. I had been up since 8 trying to get tickets for the Buffalo show, but I wasn't getting anything that was worth driving 5 hours for. So by the time 10:30 rolled around I had pretty much figured I wasn't going to get any so I jumped in the shower. Then when I got out I decided to check again just for fun. well I came up with 3rd row pit seats! Which I purchased without a second thought, thinking that all I had to do was get ahold of Becky and Brenda and we would be on our way. So I sent Brenda a text message and called Becky. This is when all hell broke loose and things started going downhill. Becky couldn't go. We were calling each other back and forth trying to work things out. I tried calling Marcy but she couldn't go either. I tried Leslie but I never got ahold of her and I was pretty sure she couldn't go anyway. And Brenda had not gotten back to me yet. So here I was with tickets to see NSYNC 4 1/2 hours away with no way to get there. I tried calling Tess but the number I had was wrong so I e-mailed her, but didn't hear back from her either. I was a complete mess for 2 1/2 hours trying to find a way to get to Buffalo. And finally, at around 1:30, after sending her 3 text messages, Brenda called me. I swear I almost burst into tears right then and there. And all of a sudden what had seemed like it was going to be one of the suckiest days possible, turned into one of the best. Brenda called and we worked things out in about 10 minutes and she was on her way to pick me up. Then we hit the Meijer for gas and film and were on our way speeding towards Buffalo. The first half of the trip flew by and before we knew it we were almost there. Then we hit the border coming back into the US. In all honesty it probably didn't take us that long to get through. But it was 7 pm and all I wanted to do was get to the venue, and every minute we were in line seemed like an hour. The customs lady was slightly amused when we told her we had come from Michigan to see a concert and let us go with no problems (thankfully). Then we couldn't find the venue. We knew it wasn't far away so we stopped at a gas station to ask for directions. The kid behind the counter was no help at all. He told us that maybe if there was someone pumping gas they would know. Which of course there was no one. But there was a cab sitting in the parking lot and if anyone would know how to get somewhere, a cab driver would be the one. So we got our directions and went on our way. Finally we go there. Picked up our tickets, hit the bathroom and got inside just in time to catch most of Smashmouth. I was kind of disappointed that we missed Not So Boy Band. I have yet to see Joey's Dad performing. I wasn't too upset about missing Tony Lucca though since I'd already seen him twice. I was just happy that I didn't miss any of NSYNC. Most of the show is a blur at this point. I had been going since 8 am on 4 hours of sleep and I hadn't eaten any real food since about 9 am. Being in the pit was awesome. I'm glad I got to do it at least once this tour. And in some ways it was better than the front row seats I had outside the pit, but I still think the seats outside the pit were the best I've had. For on thing, my seats outside the pit were right on the catwalk. In the pit we were in seats 4 and 5. and every time the guys came by everyone would file out of the rows and try to get close enough to touch them. Then the security would make us all go sit back down. I really couldn't get right up to the catwalk. Though at the end I did sneak my way through and I touched Joey's hand again. Plus, being in the pit, I was in the center of the stage and I was a lot closer when they were there. So I think I got some great pictures. The highlight of the evening foe me was they story. Lance told the story instead of JC. They started off with JC telling the story and went into their whole thing about how JC doesn't tell very good stories. So someone, either Justin or Chris, says why doesn't Lance tell the story. And then at the end of the song, Justin is about to say how it's JC's story so he should finish it when he realizes JC didn't tell the story this time so him and Chris start up about Lance should finish the song. Which I would have had no problem with. Lance turned the brightest shade of red I have ever seen him and did his cute little embarrassed face looking down and smiling. So cute. Lance was not all about finishing the song so finally they decided it really was JC's story and he should finish the song. Let me just say right now, that I looooove JC. I mean, what else can you really say about him? It is so much fun to watch him perform. Oh yeah, and when they did the thing about pretending JC's in church I got a nice view of his armpit. And for some reason that stuck in my mind. I can't really remember much else specifically. I know Joey told JC's joke about tigger. At one point Joey was pretending his mic was a cell phone. There was a point when Chris kept sticking his hand right in Joey's face and shaking it and Joey would shake his head back and forth. ummmm...It's all coming back to me in bits and pieces. I'm sure I'll remember more when I get my pictures back. And, we met up with the road trip crew (who also had seats in the pit) and I also met dreamtrance. And after the concert I met more LJ people. between_names, chigaboo, kamadu, two_step, ummm...rhyssj and juliannebabe? I think. Maybe some others. There were a lot of us. between_names got some group pictures. We went out to eat at the only place open in all of Buffalo. We might possibly have been a little rowdy. There was much squeeing over the road trip crew's photos. And many stories were shared. I might possibly have been bouncing up and down yelling quite loudly that I was JC. I'm surpised they didn't just leave me behind right there on the street. :) And then at about 2 am we all piled into our respective cars and drove home. I got home at about 6 am. Yesterday barely even exists to me. I was just drained. I'm still recovering. But look for pictures soon. I think I'll get them back on Thursday. Now, who's up for the Columbus show? :)
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