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Haha! I am back! Did you think you could get rid of me forever? Well, I got some cleaning done, anyway. So that was good. And I seem to have completely worn myself out. hmmmm. might have to put in the pop odyssey video to remedy that. Every time I see The Two of Us I have to get up and dance. Not that I'm very good at it, mind you (just ask Marcy, she had the honor of witnessing me in action earlier). But it's fun anyway. I didn't get my OTL and Zoolander DVDs in the mail today like I was hoping. Ah well, probably Monday. At least I know it's on the way...finally. I got an e-mail the other day from that they were shipping part of my order and the pop odyssey DVD will be sent as soon as it's available. Yeah, so now that the release is less than a week away they send me part of the order. They might as well have waited. sheesh! And I'm also wondering if they will wait until Tuesday to ship that. I have heard of people in the past getting stuff early because they ship it early so you actually get it by the release date. But, I have heard no such word from amazon, so I'll probably have to wait. Which is fine I guess, since I won't be here on Tuesday anyway. Yep, that's right! I'll be in Columbus seeing the real thing! Well, if all goes according to plan anyway. We still have to see what kind of seats we come up with the day of. But I am confident. Or at least hopeful. I've had pretty good luck so far.

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