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hmmm, I found this on a message board. anyone heard anything about this? I seem to remember thinking that Pop Odyssey was going to be released in theaters, but haven't heard anything on it for a while. Anyway, someone posted this on 4/13:

I haven't really seen anything about this mentioned here, so I thought I'd put my 2 cents in!!! In Theater Entertainment put together a Pop Odyssey concert for the big screen. It is currently playing in Akron, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas. Why those cities, who knows??? I only knew about it because I have a friend who lives near Akron who saw it and convinced me to come out and see it with her again ( I live about 3 1/2 hours away, so this was a big deal!) But the presentation and the show were really AWESOME!!! The coverage was very balanced, they showed a lot of all the guys, which really made me happy! There was a little bit of behind the scenes stuff and costume changes, but it seemed to be kind of on the pg side-no nekkid boys and some times they were shot from the waist up (DARN!) And I got a t-shirt out of it as well! Check out their web site and if you can get to one of the shows, it is certainly worth it!!!!
:) Kristi

It sounds to me like it exactly the same as the video that's out. I can't figure out why they'd show it in only 2 cities, or why they released it for home video before it was in theaters. Sometimes I wonder who these boys have working for them. :)

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