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Ok so I figure I better get some stuff down about the concert before I forget it all.

So first, the cast. Brenda (semijocund), Amy (two_step), Marcy (absolutpurangel), Tess (incredulity), Brenda's friend Allison and myself had everything planned out. Amy stayed at Brenda's house overnight. Tess was showing up around 10 am, and Marcy was meeting me at my house at 8 am. Brenda and I met up online just before 8 am to scout for tickets. I actually had a set of pit seats come up but I figured there would be more so I didn't take them. Later I would find out that was a mistake. We just kept checking back but nothing was coming up. So at just before 9:30, we were still looking for good seats, when all of a sudden Ticketmaster took the Columbus show offline. We couldn't believe it. I have decided once and for all, that I really do hate ticktemaster.

So everyone was meeting up at Brenda's house, so we decided that Marcy and I should head over there since we couldn't get tickets from where we were anyway, and the sooner we got there, the sooner we could leave. We had an almost hour drive to Brenda's plus a (supposed) 4 1/2 hour drive to Columbus ahead of us and we wanted to get to the venue ASAP to get some good tickets. Well, we get to Brenda's and find out that tickets were back on sale online, but at this point we decide to leave the ticket scouting in the capable hands of Allison, who was at work and would be meeting us in Columbus later, and head out. I think it was noon by the time we left.

The ride down was fun. Full of nervousness about not having tickets, but also excitement because we knew we'd probably be able to get good seats at the venue. I had brought some NSYNC reading material and was quizzing everyone from my Ultimate NSYNC Quiz Book. Brenda was flying down the freeway. I think we made in just under 4 hours. We headed over to the box office to see what kind of tickets were available. Of course there were no floor seats, so we headed over to the Starbucks to kill a little time. It was right next to the venue, so many, many crew members were coming in and out the whole time we were there. When we got there Anthony (the road crew manager, or whatever he does) and Frankie (the guy who shoots the fuman shirts) were there and that was kind of cool.

We basically spent the next couple of hours alternately checking the box office for tickets and sitting in Brenda's car listening to the blues version of IWYB and the Beatles and Motown medleys. I may have been jumping and dancing around a lot, "a lot", but you can't prove it and I'll never say. At one point, as we were standing in front of the venue, Joey's dad, along with the rest of NSBB, just came strolling by. I pointed it out to everyone who hadn't noticed it yet and continues to stare, because, yo, it's Joey's dad. It was cool to see him just strolling around through the crowd. They had come out to do an interview with the news so we stood around and watched and got we recruited by some guy from the news crew to scream really loud for them. I still maintain that I screamed the loudest out of everyone there. :) And then, after their interview, I took Amy's picture with them. Then it was back to the business of waiting.

So by the time 6pm rolled around and we didn't have tickets we were starting to get a little nervous. We decided to head over to the box office and not leave until we had the tickets in our hand. The nice lady we had been going to was gone, and in her place was some guy, who I am still convinced was named Gunther, despite the fact that his name badge said Kim. He was our new best friend. We stood in front of his window, keeping people away from "our ticket guy" and he kept checking back for us.

Then the bad news came. Gunther said they would not be releasing any more tickets. We were shocked. How could we not get pit seats? We drove all the way down there and now we were going to get sucktastic seats. So we decided that the best ones we could get from what was available were ones directly behind the stage in the first row. Amy, Tess, Marcy and I purchased the tickets, but still decided to hang around "just in case". Then when Allison arrived, her, Brenda and Amy went in search of scalpers to see if they could come up with better seats.

While we were waiting and checking back periodically, the girls at the next window who we had talked to a little bit and discovered that they had also been at the Grand Rapids show, all of a sudden let out ear piercing screams. It seems Gunther had lied to us and they got 2nd row pit seats. I immediately went up to the window but all they had were 2 floor seats in section 7 available. After a short debate, Marcy and I decided we would rather be on the floor even if it was way in the back, because at least we would be close when they came out to the second stage and we'd never been back there before. So I got the tickets and we sat down to wait some more.

7:30 came and went and we decided it wasn't really all that important it see Tony Lucca, NSBB and P. Diddy if it meant we had the chance to get some better seats. So we waited. We had switched loyalties from Gunther to the blonde lady at the next window and she was checking back constantly for us. Like really constantly. Her hands were beginning to cramp up. Then, all of a sudden at 8pm, 6 tickets, all together, in the 7th row of the pit came up. It was like fate. I think we may have hurt the poor ticket lady's ears with our screaming. I slapped down the credit card and we were on our way into the concert. We were so happy! And we even got to see P. Diddy.

I think I'll stop there, as this is already very long and I need to take a break and collect all of my thoughts about the show. I will say, though, that Tess had brought her FKA sing and Chris saw it. More than once. :) He rolled his eyes at us! And smiled at us a lot. "a lot". And I was helping her hold it at the time. It was very exciting. But more on that later :)

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