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Apr. 25th, 2002

Ok, so...

I thought about trying to remember everything in chronological order and just do, like, a play by play. But I'm pretty sure that's not gonna work. So just some stuff off the top of my head:

Ok, first of all, Chris was in such a good mood last night. Hell, they all were. They just couldn't stop smiling. I mean, Justin was just grinning all night. You know, that really big smile. Like, really, really smiling. And Chris was just going crazy. He was interacting with the audience and with the guys. It was so cool to watch. And Lance was even being goofy.

Chris and Lance did that thing, during the banter, where Chris tries to hit Justin's low note, but he can't. And then he goes and stands in front of Lance, and Lance hits it and Chris pretends it's him and then Lance starts messing with Chris.

Also during the banter, Chris started it off by telling the funniest story about a guy who was born in Wayne county (somewhere nearby in Ohio I'm assuming because it got big cheers) and his name was Chris. And we was the cute one. And he was the strongest person in all of Wayne county and he had really big muscles. At this point I (and I think Tess, too) was cheering so loud for him. I swear I was the loudest person at this concert. But then again, I could be biased. :) So he continued his story about this boy, and the boy had a pig named Charlotte, and Charlotte had two friends, a momma pig and a baby pig. And he went on and on incorporating every fairy tale known to man (and completely changing them at the same time) until Justin cut him off just as he was getting to the part where Chris ate some magic beans and a bean stalk grew out of his stomach and up into the sky. It was the greatest story. Much with the funny. Then JC went on to tell his story.

During GMHS, I think, Tess and I held up her FKA banner. Chris saw it and rolled his eyes right at us. We just screamed louder. We kept holding it up and screaming and Chris kept looking at it and smiling. Then JC started kind of nudging Chris and bumping into him. Chris kind of scooted closer and Joey scooted closer on the other side of JC and they were squishing him as they bowed at the end of the song. They were all laughing and JC was trying to wiggle out from in between them. So cute! I also think Justin may have smiled at the banner, but I'm not absolutely sure since I was watching Chris most of the time. Once again, I think I was screaming the loudest of anyone in the arena.

During the banter after IWYB Chris says that since JC started the story, he needs to be punished. As punishment he should end the song. He's turned around explaining this to Justin and Joey nudges JC out of the way and trades places with him. JC is confused but goes along with it. And Chris is saying "He should finish the song," and he turns around to point to JC, but Joey is there. Chris get scared and screams and falls down. JC cracks up and Joey gets all happy and yells "It worked!" and then starts dancing around Chris, who is still laying on the floor, singing "The wicked witch is dead." Funniest. thing. ever. Then Justin helped Chris up.

At one point during the banter, Chris put Justin's hat on Lance. Lance goofed a little bit, then either Lance or Chris put it back on Justin. Justin made a face and a comment about it being sweaty and readjusted the hat.

While I am sad to see Lance's orange shirt go, the blue shirt is fucking hot too.

I finally got a good view of JC bending backwards over Lance in UATW. JC just rolled back and kind of just hung there rolling back and forth before Lance threw him off. Very fucking hot!

At one point in the banter, JC said something to Chris while he was facing the other way. Chris got mad at JC and turned and yelled at him. Without missing a beat JC turned and pointed at Joey and said "He did it." And without missing a beat, Joey did the same thing, but there was no one on the other side of him to point to. So he yelled "d'oh!" and Chris went over and started pushing him.

While they were trying to get JC to finish IWYB, JC kept messing up. One time Justin looks at the audience and said "That, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an oops." After a few beats Chris just started dancing and singing "I did it again." Justin got this really shocked look on his face for about a half a second, then smiled and looked really embarrassed. He started walking a way a little, then he came back up to the front of the stage. Then he just looked like "what else would I expect from Chris" and he was laughing and he took a bow. All the guys were cracking up and Chris looked really pleased with himself. Once again, I was screaming my head off the whole time.

At the end of Gone, when JC, Chris, Lance and Joey are disappearing under the stage, Chris leaned over and tried to shove JC, but he moved out of the way. Chris kept reaching over to him, but JC kept moving out of his reach. When they were almost under the stage, Chris jumped up and was crawling over tying to get to JC.

Also, the girls in the pit were, like, really vicious this time. I was about 5 or 6 chairs into the row, so it was hard to get right up to the catwalk when they came by, and there was usually one or two people in between me and the railing. And they would just shove me away. One girl almost knocked me down. I didn't really care about touching their hands that much, so I just gave up until the very end when I finally got right up to the railing.

And that is all I can remember for now. Hopefully it will come back in bits and pieces. Also when I get my pictures back (hopefully on Saturday) I'll probably remember some more stuff. And now I must try to sleep so I can get up in the morning for my test and hopefully get this job.


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Apr. 25th, 2002 08:17 am (UTC)
Woo! Sounds like a good time! Those boys are sooooo cute! Yep.
Apr. 25th, 2002 09:22 am (UTC)
Yes, seriously, almost the best one I've seen. Cuz, you know, nothing beats Grand Rapids. And every time I post I just feel like I can't express enough how good it actually was. :) And they were all so happy and having such a great time! So much fun!
Apr. 25th, 2002 10:51 am (UTC)
And every time I post I just feel like I can't express enough how good it actually was

If it was NSYNC, it was AMAZING! That's really all we need to know. Plus any slashy moments, of course! ;) hee
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