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So I got almost no sleep last night and ended up waking up later than I should have. But luckily my mom decided to call home at 8:30 to see if I was up yet, which I wasn't, but the phone woke me. I had to be up at the temp place at 9am. So I had just enough time to get dressed and get up there. The test was pretty much what I expected. I just hope that being tired didn't cause me to make more mistakes than I should have. I'm still waiting to hear back from them about it.

I've spent the day catching up on LJ and downloading the gigglehysteria clip from the shelter and watching it over and over. I want my Reel NSYNC DVD now! My credit card has already been charged, so I'm hoping for it soon. So, people that have received it, did it come via mail or UPS? Am also awaiting the Pop Odyssey DVD. I now realize that I should have just not pre-ordered it and bought it at Best Buy when it came out. I was up at Best Buy earlier to purchase the WGO DVD, and I saw the PO DVD too. I really wanted to buy it, but, yeah. It's coming. I just have to wait. I was hoping it would come today, but I think the bastards at didn't ship it until yesterday. So I'm expecting it tomorrow. While at Best Buy I also purchased The Green Mile, The Muppet Movie, and The Great Muppet Caper on DVD. Cuz, yeah, it's the muppets dude. I love those movies. And The Green Mile is probably the best movie version of a Stephen King novel ever.

I'm also attempting to remember more about the concert. I took my film in this morning, so I should have the pictures back on Saturday. Hopefully I'll be able to remember more then. But for now...

During the banter part, after Chris got scared and he was standing back up, he went on to say that JC, not Joey, should finish the song. He was saying "Not him" and pointed at Joey's face. He ended up having his finger practically up Joey's nose. Then he turned and tried to wipe his finger on JC and JC started giggling and ran away. And Joey then pretended to pick his own nose. So much funnier than it probably sounds.

The funniest part of the evening, though, had nothing to do with NSYNC. Well, not directly anyway. It was during either Celebrity or UATW, I think. They were wearing the black and white outfits. All of a sudden, Marcy turns to me and screams in my ear, "Oh my god! JC has a boner!" Now this is especially funny because we had just had a conversation about this in the car on the way down. Marcy has only been a fan for, like, a month and she's a JC fan and we were all schooling her about him. I swear she yelled it loud enough for the guys to hear onstage. Well, maybe not, but it was really loud right in my ear. I. almost. died.

Now I don't remember this exactly, but I've been informed that after getting scared, Chris made a comment something to the effect of, "I need to find bejeezus cause I just had mine scared out of me."

And of course Joey did his little cell phone thing with his mic.

Also, while Joey was taking Justin's picture and vice versa, Justin and Chris were goofing around with each other over Joey's head. very cute.

And another thing to note, during the banter they did not do the bit about JC being too scared to finish the song or pretending to be in church or about picturing the audience in their underwear. actually, almost the entire banter was completely different than I've ever seen it before. I even think that JC said Memphis was the home of the blues, because then Justin mentioned something about his home town and that being their next show and was all happy.

So that's it for now. I have some DVD watching to do :)

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