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Much with the tired tonight. And really, I shouldn't be. I haven't done much all day. Got up sometime around 1:00 or so I think. Called the temp service and still no word on that job. Which is really starting to piss me off. Every time they call with a job, the chick tells me she'll send my resume and she'll call me back either way. She never calls back. Now my mom wants me to go apply at the beach. I've worked at the beach before. I don't know if I want to do that again. But I do need a job, so maybe I'll head over there tomorrow and pick up an application.

Went out tonight with Marcy for her birthday. We headed out to Chili's. Just a little farewell to NSYNC since in 4 concerts I never made it out to a Chili's with everyone else. And you know, I found out that at Chili's, if it's your birthday, you get squat. Not even a free dessert or anything. Our waiter (who introduced himself as BJ. Yeah, I didn't even get it until Marcy said something) did offer to sing Happy Birthday with me, but Marcy was already embarrassed that I brought it up, so I declined. And we almost made it out to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but we decided to come back and watch Pop Odyssey Live instead. Which also didn't happen seeing as how by the time we got back to my house, Marcy had to get home to catch a call from her boss. But tomorrow Marcy will see the wonder that is the Pop Odyssey Live DVD. At least that's the plan.

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