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So I have viewed much puppy goodness tonight. Got the tape from Willa. Finally got to see the *Ntimate Holiday Special in its entirety, instead of choppy little clips on my craptastic computer. love it. And Lance was hot. And Larry King Live. also love it. especially love how Larry isn't quite sure what to do with Chris. :) hee. And the TTWLG video from Janet Jackson Icon. Which, technically I'd already seen, but didn't have on tape. and now I do. Because everyone should have Lance looking all disinterested and sexy and... well, yes. And then, the best thing. We Are NSYNC. Which I have also seen before, but this was different. Well, I'm still not sure about different, but it was way better quality than the one I'd previously seen. I mean, JC's face wasn't just a big orange blob on the screen. And no German subtitles. And it was just so clear. Seriously almost fell off my couch when I saw this. I still have the impression that there were actually a few differences. Mostly in the beginning. But I was too lazy to actually check that out for sure. And, it could just be that it only looks different when you can actually see what's on the screen.

And after the lovely tape, I watched my new Reel NSYNC DVD. which I knew was good from all the spoilers I've read/seen/heard, but watching it is just a whole nother experience. I don't think I've laughed that much since...well, ever. Everyone should buy this. It's just. There are no words. hi-fucking-larious. The only bad thing about it is the fact that I get motion sickness easily and I had to take a break half way through. Seriously, an hour of home movies? not exactly the smartest thing to watch for someone who literally almost threw up watching The Blair Witch Project. I'm still queasy from watching the second half. Yech.

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