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There was much viewing of NSYNC footage tonight. Marcy came over and we watched tons of stuff. She's never seen most of the stuff out there unless it was by accident. So we watched The Reel NSYNC and On the Line. Then we watched the Making the Video for On the Line because the one on the DVD kind of sucks ass. Then I showed her the Icon video, the National Anthem from the olypmics, the Grammy performance with Nelly (which was rewound and viewed multiple times because JC was fucking hot in that performance), Jay Leno from last summer, and the Larry King interview. I think that's it, it's all a bit of a blur now. Marcy and I have come to the conclusion that sometimes it's good when they have dancers when they perform. If you need further convincing just go watch the Grammy performance. Seriously. There's some hot stuff going on there. So I think we're planning on doing this again next weekend only with alcohol. That should be fun. Anyone else want to come and drink and watch sparkly dance boys?

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