Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

It seems my sister didn't throw away all of my old posters like I had originally thought. I found a box last weekend and they're all there. Well, mostly all there. Corey Feldman, Michael J. Fox, Kirk Cameron, Ralph Macchio, Chad Allen, etc. Even a few really old Brad Pitt posters. And then there's this. I may have squeed out loud at that one. And there are some magazines in there that must be hers, because there's pictures like this one. I know that's not mine because by that time I was in college and I didn't like pop music. I'd never listen to one of those "boy bands". heh. But that one did have me rolling on the floor giggling uncontrollably.

And I still have some photocards left. Poor Chris. No one wants him. And one lonely Justin card. If you want some email me at
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