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Random acts of randomness

I do enjoy taking an afternoon nap at work.

Also, my quest for NSYNC stickers is not going so well. I found one sticker book at Meijer (well there was more than one, but they were all the same so I only bought one, you know?). I also found the same book at K-Mart. I did find BSB stickers at one of the dollar stores, though. I did not purchase those. Which is lucky for y'all. Cos I fully intended to send those babies out in the packages I was sending. But then I came to my senses. So no one needs to worry about the eyebrows of DOOM showing up in their mailbox. At least not from me. I can't speak for anyone else. Though one of you may have some rats in your package. I'm not saying who though. *evil laugh*

The nice thing about going into work at 7:30 is that I get to leave at 4 pm instead of 5. That means only an hour and a half left.

I finally caught up on my friends list, too. I need work (or entertainment). I have one very simple one page document to last me the rest of the day. I've actually already proofread it twice.

I'm listening to my Billboard Top Hits 1983 CD. I love this CD.

This post brought to you by the letters L and B and the number 4.