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Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah

I find this highly amusing.

Therefore, all that is left to do is generate Wu Tang Clan names for all the members of NSync.

JC as JC is "Sweaty Butcher." This is kind of funny, but not nearly as funny as discovering that *Joshua* Chasez is.... "Inscrutable Drama Queen."

Joey Fatone is "Optimistic Lyricist"

Justin Timberlake is "Spunky Misunderstood Genius". Oddly, Britney Spears has the same name. Those kids!

Lance Bass is "Bastard, BASTARD HarbourMastah" (as James he's "Tha Lonely Donkey Kong")

Chris Kirkpatrick is "Curly-Haired Slacker" (isn't that someone else in the band?). As Christopher he's "Monolithic Fishmonger-X"

Johnny Wright is "Flippant She-Creature"

and, the big finish:

Lou Pearlman is "Violent Toilet Thing."

Well, it's hard to argue with that one.

(from myalexandria)

I think that is how I will refer to Lance from now on.

I've moved on to Billboard's Tops Hits from 1981. I know you were wondering.
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