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Yeah, so I go to Meijer to get a money order. And since, just last week, I bought one using my debit card, I didn't get any money out figuring I would just do the same. But no. Apparently you can't do that anymore. It's a new policy. She tells me I'll have to go get money out of the ATM. To which I reply hell no I don't. If I go to an ATM that's not my bank, not only will I get charged a fee for using a card that isn't that bank, but my bank will also charge me a fee for using a different ATM. I told her I'll just come back another day with cash. Too bad she'd already printed out the money order. Or, you know, not really. I was kind of satisfied about that :) heh. I mean, really. I just bought one less than a week ago. And I specifically asked about using credit cards and debit cards to buy money orders. They didn't know then that this was going to happen? They could have told me then. Or something. Now I have to go on my lunch tomorrow, which also means I have to stop by the bank on the way into work (which really isn't on the way at all). Meh.

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