Amanda (sweatergurl) wrote,

I'm getting packages ready to go out tomorrow. I couldn't find brown paper so I'm using paper bags to wrap the boxes in. This is purely a ghetto operation here, folks. heh. So, assuming I get my butt out of bed in time to get to the post office tomorrow, packages will be going out to myalexandria, dreamtrance, dnceforce, lorij, joeynerd, and missizzard. Am I missing anyone?

Does anyone else want anything? I still have one of the musical keychains (plays GMHS)and 2 framed 8x10s and one NSYNC phone fantasy game and a copy of the Official NSYNC book. I also have a few more photocards. Some platinum edition and a few 1999 ones (No individual Joey cards). I also have a bunch of New Kids on the Block trading cards if anyone wants those. :) Come on people, it's free stuff! (except for the computer game cuz that cost me $15) :)
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