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So yesterday I got the On the Line soundtrack. Now I wonder why I bought the import version of Celebrity. But I'm happy that I finally got to hear Ready to Fall. I heart Joey. And Meredith's version is cool too. I also got Weezer and Linkin Park while I was buying. So I've been busy listening to new CD's. I am not disappointed at all. And, since I was at Best Buy, I had to go look in the computer section and I bought the NSYNC Fantasy Phone game. Which, it turns out, I can't even play yet because I have a Pentium 200, and the game requires a Pentium II 233. I should have looked before I bought, but I didn't. Usually I do, but I was blinded by NSYNC. Incidentally, this isn't the first time I've bought a game I couldn't play. I also bought Myst 3 and it also requires a Pentium II 233. So now I know what I'm asking for for Christmas.

Also, I want Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd. This could possibly be the best CD ever. Every great Pink Floyd song in one place.

And I love Shakira's song Whenever, Wherever. It makes me want to dance.
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